About Us

Musaddilal Jewellers Pvt Ltd popularly known as "MJPL" with heritage of 120 years is one of the renowned jewellers in south India. The family's 4th generation is continuing the "Business of Jewelry". MJPL has the privilege of serving the royals and other respected people of the state and country. At MJPL we have state of the art manufacturing facility that integrates latest technologies and processes to produce jewelry of high standard.

MJPL's quest for excellence is revealed in every activity, ranging from R&D to design and production, as well as customer relations and the brand's global communication. Certifications are provided to our customer for our jewelry by leading certification agencies.

MJPL has remained a fully independent family firm to this day. Running and developing a company such as Musaddilal could not be done without a precise and rigorous set of principles. Over the years, several corporate values have been integrated, all family based on the family spirit. Endowed with a code of ethics nurtured by common sense and loyalty. They form the "backbone" of Musaddilal Jewellers Pvt Ltd.

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